2016 - a Record-Breaking Sales Year

We are well into a record-breaking sales year for Grand Banks, Eastbay and Palm Beach.  We have fantastic new models with innovative features & benefits that will far exceed all your expectations!  Contact me today for all the details!

Special Announcement -

Steve Fithian joins Grand Banks Yachts as a GB Corporate Yacht Sales Executive

[FORT LAUDERDALE] Steve Fithian,  the “Grand Banks Specialist,” is now working directly for Grand Banks Yachts as a GB Corporate Yacht Sales Executive. He will continue to serve his long-term clientele and other knowledgeable yachtsmen with a depth of Grand Banks knowledge and experience acquired over a 40-year career in the marine industry.

Fithian’s move to a direct-sales capacity and yacht brokerage at Grand Banks came after other recent changes at Grand Banks Yachts. Notably, Grand Banks Yachts acquired Australian boat builder Palm Beach Motor Yacht Co. Pty Ltd. in 2014. Upon completion, Palm Beach Motor Yachts founder Mark Richards was appointed CEO of the enlarged group of companies. Mark has been doing a phenomenal job in taking Grand Banks Yachts into the future.

Along with the change in leadership, we have had other great changes at Grand Banks. There is the addition of the Palm Beach Motor Yachts fine line of yachts, as well as several new models of Grand Banks (including the EB44SX, GB60 and more to follow soon). Perhaps the biggest news is how Grand Banks Yachts has reconfigured the dealer network, and introduced a new direct-to-consumer sales approach. This has been taking the new buyers experience to a whole new level.

Steve Fithian is one of the pioneers in the new sales force that will now sells new Grand Banks, Eastbay and Palm Beach Motor Yachts directly to the owner. According to Fithian, “This is an exciting time for Grand Banks USA, and it’s great to see the company moving forward with all the new models and more.

Fithian is quick to note that the core values at Grand Banks Yachts remain unchanged, “Grand Banks has stood for premium quality and excellent craftsmanship for so long, it is ingrained in the brand. Our newest models will continue to set the standard for fit/finish and reliable seakeeping proficiency.”

The location for Steve Fithian, Grand Banks Specialist, is at Marina Bay Resort, in Fort Lauderdale. The new address is 2515 Marina Bay Drive West, Unit 101, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312.  Steve’s contact information is: Phone (954) 383-1999, Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Website www.grandbanksspecialist.com.

Steve’s long-time assistant, Eve Surdin, is also with Steve at GB’s new Marina Bay offices. Stand by for more announcements, such as Steve representing Grand Banks at all of the upcoming boat shows, new models from Grand Banks, Eastbay and Palm Beach Motor Yachts and . . . (as Steve always says,) . . . much, much more!

New Grand Banks  44 Eastbay SX  GB44SX The new model introduction has been a tremendous success, with many hulls already sold! Call Steve for the next available delivery, spring 2017.

New model 2018 GB 60 

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New model 2018 Grand Banks  57 Europa

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Grand Banks  52 Eastbay SX